Installation services for air conditioners

air conditioning installationSelecting the right cooling system for your office or home can be very tricky. There are many brands which are available in the market. But, all the brands do not manufacture quality products. So, you have to consider some factors like the ceiling heights, windows north facing, your specific needs and the size of your room before buying any cooling system. Proper air conditioning installation also plays an important role in cooling your house evenly. Cosiness and protection will be offered to you once you finalize the correct size of the air conditioning system and install it.

How to install a split system air conditioner?

A professional technician is often hired by most of the people for the installation of a split system air conditioner. This unit can be installed on your own, if you have some knowledge and experience of electrical and plumbing jobs. Various unique features are characterized by different ductless air conditioners or split system air conditioners.

Here is a list of some of the steps of installing an air conditioner given as follows –

  • Choose a location

An unobstructed location on the interior wall of the room should be selected by you for installing the indoor air conditioning unit. Heat sources and direct sunlight should be avoided during its installation. Gaseous or oily areas should be avoided by you for installing an air conditioning system. At least 15cm of open space is required by the indoor unit surrounding the sides and top to get it mounted. You should install the unit at least 2.13m from the ground level. No connecting lines of telephones, home security systems, radio, television and intercoms should be there near the place of installation of the unit. Operational problems for your air conditioner could be caused due to the electrical noise. The unit should be installed on a strong wall, so that the weight of the unit can be held by it.

  • Mounting plate should be secured

The mounting plate must be held against the wall where the installation of the indoor unit will be done. A level should be used to ensure the horizontal level of the plate. Holes should be drilled into the wall for fixing the plate. Plastic anchors must be inserted into the holes and tapping screws must be used for securing the plate.

  • Make a hole in the wall

The best spot for the hole should be found on the opening of mounting bracket. The length and distance of the pipe should also be considered while creating a hole in the wall. A hole of 3” diameter should be drilled in the wall and a flexible flange has to be inserted through the hole.

  • Check the electrical connections and connect the pipe

The front panel of the unit has to be lifted and the cover should be removed. Make sure that the connections are between the screw terminals and cable wires. A pipe should be run through the hole to ensure proper drainage of water.

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