An introduction to modern business with Mr. Raymond Debban

Everywhere we look nowadays, we either see or hear the word “business”. Nonetheless, this is a broad concept that depends on a number of factors. In order for a business to exist, first there has to be a product, a certain good or service that can be sold, thus resulting in a profit for the person who owns it.
In our era, such people are business men or women, whereas before they were merely merchants.

Businesses are meant to grow and generate financial profits. If more people own a certain type of business, we may refer to this association as a company. Generally speaking, companies may produce and offer a variety of services and products that are meant to be sold, thus increasing the desired profits.

Without technology, running a business or a company would be very difficult, not to mention that the expected profits would be extremely low. Basically, technology may be referred to as the usage of a variety of tools and machines, in order to create a certain type of product. The use of technology goes even further, by allowing the readily fabricated product to be promoted to potential customers or buyers and, in the end, leading to the desired sale. Therefore, technology is absolutely necessary for a business to flourish.

Technology is intended to affect society in a positive way. Without its continuous development, modern economies could not exist and businesses would be reduced to what they were centuries ago, common trades of basic goods. Technology even allows businesses to create, promote and finally sell products that are, in fact, not tangible, such as software.
A third factor that is also necessary to a business is finance. Whenever someone hears or sees this word, money is the actual thing that comes in mind. A business needs finances to acquire the necessary technology needed to produce the products it wants to sell.

Nowadays, more and more companies worldwide rely on investors to fund their production. The obtained profits are then shared among these investors and the owners or share holders. Finance is, in fact, a broad term but the actual money required by a company is known as corporate finance.

Raymond Debbane

Raymond Debbane

The key piece in this machinery of modern business is, however, a person. Such a man is Raymond Debbane. Mr. Debbane perfectly understands all the details that need to be put in place for a business to flourish and he has brilliantly proven this by becoming the President and CEO of the Invus Group and leading the well-known Raymond Debbane Investments branch of his company.

Raymond Debbane graduated from the American University of Beirut, where he studied Agricultural Sciences and Engineering. Furthermore, his natural talent for business earned him an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, something not many business men and women can be proud of.

Mr. Debbane used his skills to help numerous companies around the world to develop profitable business strategies and ultimately he launched the Invus Group in 1985.
Raymond Debbane Investments offers its clients, who are owner-managers of their own companies, a long-term financial support. By providing such services, Mr. Debbane enables these companies to achieve their goals over time.

People such as Mr. Raymond Debbane are indispensable for the development of today’s business environment and for the evolution of economy at global scale.

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